Easy way to make Chocolate waffers / tuiles

Chocolate Wafers or Tuiles are thin chocolate flavored cookies. Because of its versatility, tuiles are equivalent to chocolate wafers. They are often used in fusion desserts. Use with ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet or add to your favorite cookies or brownies.


Flour – 45gm
Icing sugar – 50gm
Egg white – 50 gm
Butter liquid – 40gm
Kauma 99% dark couverture chocolate – 20 gm


  • Warm the butter and chocolate in double boiler
  • Mix all the ingredients in a paddle mixer or with a balloon whisk
  • Let the mix rest in fridge over night .
  • Spread the mix very thin on a baking sheet and bake at 160c for 8 mins , (you can form different shapes when the wafers are just out of the oven)

These delicate chocolate wafers can be enjoyed as a dessert or with coffee.

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